A Look Inside The Life Of Irvin With Guest Dan Sullivan


Clients want more than wealth formation, asset allocation and other technical needs. What they really want is someone who will listen and understand where they are coming from. They want someone to help them reposition the changes in life as effectively as possible. Together  Irvin Schorsch and Dan Sullivan talk about the coaches perspective to Reinventing Rich.


  • What gave Irvin confidence to go out on his own. – 5:48
  • How Irvin can be of good use to his clients. – 7:53
  • What holds people back from taking action. – 16:21
  • One of the most prominent values his clients possess. – 19:04
  • Where the idea of Reinvent Rich came from. – 25:02
  • What Irvin wants to do in Stage 2 of his career. – 30:21
  • How to handle the retirement conversation. – 37:01
  • Why Irvin has assembled a network of advisors in his life and for his clients – 49:15
  • The difference between old rich and new rich. – 51:41